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I´m no native English speaker, so please excuse the mistakes in the text.*


At my Atelier in Karlsruhe-Durlach you can have a look at my artwork. There you can see several tecnics, which I communicate in different workshops.  I offer different possibilities to be creative, painting with acrylic colour.  There you can have a look at my artwork in different sizes, done with different tecnics and materials.   I got an outdoor working space for good days


You can learn all the tecnics I`m using in my pictures.

My actual offer : 2 hours private lesson = 35 Euros, 3 x 2 hours private lessons = 95 Euro

You can use your own stuff, or use my colours for small fee, canvas I`m offering for factory costs, please wear or bring something old in case it catches colour.

Meditative painting (at the moment for one person bookable)

We start with a small, guided meditation,  in the first stepp then you choose the acrylic colours with closed eyes, that your subconscient decides. Stepp by stepp we change into conscient and take our focus on what appears on the canvas. By showing you tecnics you can acentuer your painting, it`s a very creative prozess. Surrounded by soft, beautiful music, it`s a very relaxed time you`re having. The picture can be taken immediately home, acrylic colour dries very fast.

Duration: 2 hours  -all materials as canvas (40 cm x 50 cm) and colours included. Price: 38 Euros/per person, bookable for 2 people (perhaps a friend wants to come with you? I have vouchers, too, it`s a different gift idea*)

For booking or further questions just contact me per phone o per EMail. And sorry for my not really correct English....*

Soul picture painting

It starts as well with a small guided meditation and in the beginning the colours will be choosen with closed eyes, so that the subconsient decides.  The differnce is, that it`s a very personal session, that means while painting we try to discover the background of what we see. Sometimes there appear deep emotions, which come outside while painting. 

Duration: 2 hours - all materials as canvas (40 cm x 50 cm) and colours included. Price: 70 Euros

For booking or further questions just contact me per phone o per EMail.

GIRLS afternoon/evening painting (at the moment for 1 Person available)

for 2 persons, individual time appointment

It`s a creative friends-event,  independend of age - and of course the artwork can be taken home immediately, as we paint with acrylic colours which dries very soon. If the weather is good, we are outside painting in the garden, if it`s cold we stay inside with the necessary distance and opening the window when it`s time to bring fresh air inside.  Every body has got an own canvas and here we go*


  •  Version 1: painting with a motive

There are several motives available, these will be recreated by me with different colours during the event. You are free to choose the colours you`d like to use and hence you create your individual picture.

There are several motives I made, you can choose which you`d like to paint. You got a motive desire? Just sent it per E-Mail, let me know.

  • Version 2: " moving to the abstract area",

this means we paint with different materials like sponch, sheet and others and let our creativity come out while surrounded by enjoyable musik. During the process I show you different tecnics, which you can use. We highlight structures which rised up  and step by step there will appear your  individual, creative picture. You want me to include a kind of structure you`ve seen in my galery? No problem, I can try to bring it inside the session, depends on the structure. The pictures are examples for different tecnics, which can be used, just to have an idea*

Price per person (version 1 or version 2): 38 Euros - duration 2 hours, including all necessary material (canvas 40 cm x 50 cm, colours, etc...), date on appointment.